We Are Here to Help Small Businesses and Small Business Owners Harvest Their True Potential

We all know this is an exciting time in the Cleveland region, a time full of big dreams and great potential.  At the same time, the delivery of legal services is changing, and Kurt Law Office is changing as well.  To help businesses and individuals harvest their collective and individual potential at this unique time, Kurt Law Office, a woman-owned law practice in Lake County, has expanded the firm and added Practice Groups serving General Corporate and Small Business Services; Probate and Estate Planning; and; Real Estate/Construction Law.

Attorney Pamela Kurt, Owner and Principal at Kurt Law, described the change as an investment in the business community and people of Lake County. “More and more I have seen how small businesses can reach their full potential by using skilled, affordable legal counsel and business services.  One of our small business attorneys can be an invaluable partner who helps a small business owner harvest his/her professional and make their dreams become a reality.”  In addition to traditional legal services, a small business attorney can help minimize numerous business risks for small businesses through such services as general risk management, contract and document review, business planning, drafting legal and non-legal documents and, on the more personal side, creating a basic estate plan that protects the people and families that create, own, and operate the small business.

“We come to work every day committed to helping our small business clients build the life they dream of, protect what they have already built, and solve some of life’s more challenging problems.  We consistently counsel our clients about how the legal system can, or cannot, help them harvest their potential and accomplish their goals,” said Kurt.

As a forward-thinking legal service firm, Kurt Law Office is committed to providing innovative, skilled professional legal services.  Kurt Law Office is currently exploring expansion into several neighboring counties in the Northeast Ohio region.  We are also welcoming our most recent additions of Amy J, Casner, Esq. and Oliver Herthneck, Esq.  Stay tuned for more announcements as we harvest OUR potential!

Please call our office at (440) 516-1010 for your consultation for your business evaluation and/or legal needs.

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