Decisions and situations encountered during a divorce. 

Divorce can be one of the most emotional and grueling times in your life. There are many unknowns and fears. No one enters a marriage believing that it will end some day, however almost 50 percent of all marriages do end in divorce.   It does not only mean that people have to deal with the end of a relationship, but they also have to figure out how to share and split everything, who will have to move out, and many other unpleasant things. There can also be many child custody and support issues to consider.

If you have children, don’t use them as leverage in a divorce struggle between you and your spouse. Make sure that you are being a good parent by taking care of your children, and by make sure that your children understand that you love them and have their best interests at heart.  There are several factors the court will consider in custody matters.

One important factor that will help determine who receives custody of the child is the establishment of who is the child’s primary caregiver. This can take many factors into account – the financial well being of each parent, the amount of time the parent spends with the child each day, and the proximity of the parents to the child’s school and other important functions.  Other factors include which parent has the most stable home environment for the child.  Most importantly, what the “best interest” of the children involved is most important.  Other factors and issues to consider include whether one spouse has problems with alcohol or substance abuse that could put the child at risk.  Sometimes when parents can’t reach an amicable decision about the placement of the children, the court will appoint an GAL (Guardian ad Litem).  This is a neutral person to access the situation and inform the court.  The GAL usually will complete a recommendation to the Court in regards to the children’s best interest.  This recommendation is not taken lightly by the Court and is used as another factor to determine custody.  Knowing the issues to consider will help you get custody in your divorce.

There are many decisions and situations that someone may encounter during the divorce.  We can offer the support and guidance needed to get through your divorce with your best interest in mind.  Never put yourself down, just understand that whatever was done will never be undone and you are moving forward in the process. We are here to help with the process, to take the fear and unknown and give you support you need during the divorce. For more information, or to schedule a free consultation please call Kurt Law, Inc. at (440) 516-1010.

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